Harriet Jane Graham's Kindergarten Diploma

This is my mother's Kindergarten diploma that was hanging on the wall in her computer room / library in her house in Englewood, Colorado. I had the frame repaired. While the diploma was out of the frame, I had it scanned and reproduced professionally at Valley Frame Works in Amherst, MA. In the digital file, they used Photoshop to repair an edge tear and an edge blemish that were in the original. We also discovered from the boards inside the frame that it was originally framed in 1932 in Newton Centre, MA. That is where Harriet Jane was left in a school for missionary's children when her parents returned to China. She was very homesick and having this hanging on her wall at the school probably meant a lot to her. Sarah Hoogendyk (Peter Hoogendyk's daughter) now has the original.

Hoppy Easter

Anders would like to wish everybody a Hoppy Easter and show off his train that spells out his name.

One more video from Austin

Two quick iPhone videos from Austin

Anders Keane (19 Days Old)

While Nana (Grandma Homan) was visiting we gave Anders' his first thorough bath since we had her help. Before that we were just giving him simple quick baths. He stayed happy throughout the experience and enjoyed the warm water. This shoot was around the peak of his baby acne and it really comes out in these shots. At the time of this posting he is sleeping quietly for his afternoon nap with his skin nearly cleared up.

Anders Keane (12 Days Old)

We got some nice hand made clothes and a blanket from Aunt Judy. Even with some little baby acne Anders was still a great subject for shooting pictures on his 12th day of life. So we are up to a month and 2 days... things start getting a little busier once he isn't sleeping constantly like he was at first. Still doing great though!

Since Grand Dad Howard was visiting us we were also able to take the chance to get pictures of all of us. Not just the little guy.

Anders Keane Birth Story

At our birth we had a Doula from the Get Babied Doula Collective to help us through our first child's birth. When we were finding out about Doulas Kim thought that I would just get the training and we wouldn't take on the elective expense of a Doula. Even with the training I opted for having a Doula there to provide emotional support for both of us; somebody that would be there the entire time and had experience at many more births than I would ever see.

Tanya was the Doula on call the night the contractions started. Along with attending the birth she wrote up a birth story on our experience. Check out our birth story on the Get Babied website if you are interested.

Anders Keane (6 Days old)

And with a newborn baby we just have to dress him up and take some pictures of him with the nice sunlight of the day. Meet our little Anders, at his first photo shoot of his life. More to come? I'm sure there will be. These are just 2 of the outfits that Kim found on Etsy that she really liked.

Anders Keane Hoogendyk

Hello everyone,

For those that haven't heard through the organic social network, Anders joined us yesterday morning. After a marathon 29 hours of labor starting at the birthing center and then finishing at St. David's North Austin Medical Center, he was so ready that he came out before the doctor arrived and our midwife caught and delivered him to mom.

Anders Keane Hoogendyk
8 February, 2012 at 7:13 am CST
St. David's North Austin Medical Center, Austin, TX.
21.25 inches long and 7 pounds 12 ounces

We are exhausted, but all are happy and healthy.

New Zealand in HDR

I finally got around to getting Nik Software's Complete Collection to use with my pictures in Aperture. Tom gave me a tutorial on taking the pictures to use in an HDR before we went on our honeymoon in New Zealand. Here are some that I quickly threw together...

#1: Lake Matheson is the most photographed lake in all of New Zealand. The reflections on the water and the view of Mount Cook and surrounding peaks is probably the reason. The range of mountains were the Misty Mountains in the Lord of the Rings films.

#2: At Lake Tekapo looking towards the Church of the Good Shephard. The lake is fed by a glacier resulting in an amazing grayish blue color, and is said to have the best Salmon in the world.

#3: Looking towards Lake Tekapo this time and you can see where Mount John University Observatory offers the best views of the sky in the southern hemisphere. On this day you can see it was better for pictures on earth, than of the heavens.

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